Discussion on Ways to Fight Drug Addiction in ‘Psychiatric Science and Modernity’ programme

drug addiction
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Dibrugarh: Under the aegis of Assam Medical College’s Psychiatric Department and psychiatrists of Dibrugarh, the 21st mid-term CM of the eastern section of Indian Psychiatric Association will be held from August 17. The three-day programme, themed on ‘Psychiatric Science and Modernity’, will witness lengthy discussions on ways to fight the menace of drug addiction as well as psychological problems. The event is expected to be attended by a host of psychologists from all across the world, where they will shed light on the fast-paced growth of drug addiction, and at the same time, present research papers on solutions for the same. According to the president of the arrangement committee, Dr. Soumitra Ghosh, the event would be marked with comprehensive dialogues on both the scourge of drug addiction and issues related with psychology.