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Dispur moves for GI tag to gamosa


GUWAHATI, April 8: Threat to identity and survival of handmade traditiol Assamese gamosa might be a thing of the past with the Directorate of Handloom and Textiles having moved to get the product registered as an item having Geographical Indication (GI) – a form of Intellectual Property Right (IPR).
The Directorate has initiated the process and engaged the Patent Information Centre (PIC) of the government-run Assam Science Technology and Environment Council (ASTEC) to take the required steps to get the GI tag for gamosa, Assam’s traditiol multipurpose towel that occupies a special place in the State’s culture and tradition.  
Traditiol gamosa is facing a serious threat to its existence and identity in Assam because of nefarious trade practices by some textile factories located outside the State. The market is flooded with power loom gamosa posing a threat to local artisans who burn midnight oil to make traditiol handmade gamosa. The market scene has become so murkier that it is extremely difficult to differentiate powerloom gamosas from the traditiol handmade ones. Even the Regiol Office of the Textiles, Kolkata, a recognized laboratory for testing samples of clothes has failed to make the differentiation in handmade and powerloom gamosa. It is expected that the GI registration certificate will prevent plagiarizing of gamosa by such outside factories.
The Directorate of Handloom and Textile has proposed that the GI registration should cover all varieties of gamosas like the phulam (embroidered), the akata (the gamosa woven for some special rituals without effecting any cut), the tiyoni (the gamosa used while bathing) varieties, etc.