Don’t issue NOC without proper demarcation: CCIB to Syiem



SHILLONG, Feb 23: A delegation of the Coordition Committee on Intertiol Boarder (CCIB) on Thursday appealed the CEM KHADC P N Syiem not to issue any NOC for border fencing before proper demarcation is done on the boundary with Bangladesh.

Speaking to reporter after meeting the CEM KHADC, Kmen Myrshiang general secretary CCIB said, “The CEM on this matter has informed us that he will be calling a meeting with the landowners on March 10, to discuss and deliberate the matter at length before taking any decision and that the Council is not in a hurry to issue the NOC.”

In a memorandum submitted to the CEM, the CCIB is seeking clarification from the Council on what steps the KHADC has taken to protect the lands in Mawshun and Pyrdiwah region in which the government is trying to acquire.

Myrshiang said, “The CCIB will continue to stand on its foundation that the state  government uphold the agreement of the Nehru-Noon Agreement 1958 was was signed between the two countries.”

He said the border arrangement between the two tions was not done as per the agreement signed by the Ministers of India and Bangladesh in the year 1958.

“This demand of CCIB is not that we are against the government, however we are demanding for the rights of the landowners who do not want their land to belong with Bangladesh,” he said.