Dorphang charge sheeted by police

SHILLONG, Feb 9: Mawhati sitting MLA and former Chairman of the proscribed Hynnietreo tiol Liberation Council (HNLC) Julius Kitborlang Dorphang has been charge sheeted by the police on Thursday. Dorphang was arrested in the first week of January 2017 from Guwahati after evading arrest for alleged sexual assault on a 14 years old girl. Soon after his arrest, the Police have been building up a case against the rebel turned law maker. He was filly charge sheeted on Thursday before the Special Judge (POSCO) along with the other accomplices in the crime. The charge sheet before the court reads: “Wherby a 14 years old girl was subject to human trafficking and sexually abused in a guest house at Motigar, the Investigating Officer has charge sheeted the following arrested accused for their involvement in the case and submitted the same to the Special Judge (POSCO) , Shillong court. This include Juluis Kitborlang Dorphang (52) under section 5© (11/16) of POSCO act-for committing aggravated penetrative sexual assault by a public servant and committing the same more than once.” The other accomplice in the crime includes M Oarbin (27), Dalarishisha Kharbani and Molisa Shangpliang who were charge-sheeted under section 3669IPC), section 77 of the Juvenile Act section of the 5 IT act and section 17 of POSCO act. All are related to procuration and inducement of a minor girl for illict intercourse with another person and inducement and abetment for an offence under POSCO. Sandeep Biswa and Elbert Shephrang Kharluki are also charge with section 17 of the POSCO Act.