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Dr Jyoti Prasad Deori’s ‘Life Is Beautiful’

A physician by profession, singing talent Dr Jyoti Prasad Deori, was attracted to music since his childhood, and has been able to excel on the strength of his dedication and commitment. After starting his musical journey with the album ‘Rock the Party’, Deori, who is presently engaged as the Assistant Professor in Silchar Medical College, has come up with a new video titled ‘Life is Beautiful’, which is creating waves in the TV channels and social media. The song with its playful lyrics, a breezy, soulful vibe, instantly creates a rapport with the viewers. Born into a cultured family, his parents Chandra Deori and Julawati Deori have been a great source of influence in his career. He has also performed in a number of shows and functions.

‘Life is Beautiful’ is musically arranged by Bikash Barua, who has also written the song jointly with Deori. Choreographed by by Monsoon Pathak, the video is cinematographed by Suruj Deka.