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Dust storm originating in Afghanistan likely to hit North India within the next 48 hours

Dust storm
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New Delhi: The scientists of the Union ministry of earth sciences have warned that North India might get hit by a dust storm that has originated over Sistan basin in Afghanistan. Although the nature of the dust storm originating in Afghanistan was severe, it is being speculated that the storm hitting India will be just a remnant of the original.

The outcome of the dust storm coming from Afghanistan and the ones one created in Thar Desert of Rajasthan could be that the national capital might face a sharp increase in its dust pollution. If this is going to happen, then living in the capital city will be much miserable and beyond the tolerance level of its inhabitants who are already being disturbed by the scorching heat and high temperature.

As stated by the department, the storm was last seen hitting Karachi on Monday afternoon and is to reach Ahmedabad on Wednesday.

The pollution forecasting agency of the ministry of earth sciences, SAFAR says in its statement, “There is a severe dust storm that originated from the Sistan Basin in Afghanistan and the dust travelled up to Karachi on Monday. A diluted plume is likely to hit the northern part of India, including Delhi in two days. Also, fresh dust uplift due to strong surface winds from Thar Desert is expected.”

Even before the storm hits, Delhi recorded near ‘severe’ levels of air pollution fueled up by intense heat and strong winds. The 24-hour average Air Quality Index (AQI) for Tuesday was 300 and this falls in the poor category. The local dust storm in the city already is creating a thick haze around it at around 3am on Tuesday.

For Delhi, this is not going to be the first kind of experience to witness a rise in its dust pollution. Before this, in August 2018, a dust storm that originated in Oman had pushed up pollution levels in Delhi. Earlier, in November 2017 as well, Delhi was reeling under severe pollution due to a dust storm that came from Iraq, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia.


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