e-rickshaw association pleads for permit to ply

Special Correspondent

Silchar, July 19: “Old order changeth, yielding place to new”. With changing time, e-rickshaw and e-carts have come to ply on the roads of this town. The growing acceptance among public of this mode of transport is no doubt a welcome sign, considering the high volume of pollution caused by petrol and diesel operated auto rickshaws and motor vehicles. But, the e-rickshaw owners and drivers are now pleading for necessary permit to provide last mile connectivity to transport passengers before the Deputy Commissioner of Cachar.

A memorandum to this effect has been submitted by the e-rickshaw driver Kalyan Parishad on Thursday to the Deputy Commissioner. Biswapati Das, president of the Parishad, said their association is of e rickshaw drivers comprising 200 members registered under Societies Registration Act 1860. The e rickshaws plying on the roads within the municipal and its adjacent areas are to provide last mile connectivity for the comfort of passengers.

Biswapati Das added to say the e-rickshaw pullers are from economically poor background, mostly belonging to SC/OBC groups. This is the only means of earning for maintenance of their families. They have generated fund of support from the private financial institutions which have to be paid back. After meeting all the necessary norms, the regional transport authority of the district is issuing registration certificates for plying. Moreover, as per provision, all e-rickshaw owners are now applying for permits from the authority concerned.

Samalendu Das, secretary of the association, said the most unfortunate part is that during the last two days, district transport authority has detained 11 number of e-rickshaws by issuing seizure lists with the specific instructions to take back our vehicles after paying fine of Rs.2500 and submission of a written undertaking not to ply them within the municipal areas of this town. He reminds that it is at the initiative of the Prime Minister Narendra Modi who has always favoured plying of e-rickshaws and e-carts for their self employment. Unless, the e-rickshaws and e-carts are allowed to ply it will be difficult to repay back our loans.

Considering the fact that plying of e-rickshaws besides helping in reducing pollution on roads and providing the easiest and most economical mode of transport free from jam and congestion, e-rickshaw driver Kalyan Parishad strongly pleads with the Deputy Commissioner of Cachar to take necessary steps in order to allow permit to the e-rickshaws. This will make them safe to ply without being detained by the district transport authority. And those detained should be released without delay.