EC delaying filing FIR against Parrikar: AAP

Paji, Jan 31: Two days after Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal was booked for asking voters to accept money from rival candidates, the AAP on Tuesday demanded an FIR should also be filed against Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar for making a similar comment on Sunday. Addressing a press conference in Paji, Aam Aadmi Party tiol spokesperson Ashutosh raised doubts about the working of the poll authorities in Goa, due to the delay on the part of the Election Commission to file the First Information Report against Parrikar. “An FIR has been filed against Arvind Kejriwal on the same charges. I think the same FIR should have been filed against Manohar Parrikar by now. And since it’s getting late, so there are serious doubts,” Ashutosh said. An FIR was filed against Kejriwal after the AAP leader, in his speeches earlier this month, asked voters to accept money from rival party candidates but eventually vote for the AAP. On Sunday, while speaking in Chimbel, near Paji, Parrikar said that it was ok to take money from rival party candidates for participation in their rallies, but when it comes to polling day, vote for the BJP. (IANS)