EFLU to adopt a village in Meghalaya

 A Reporter

SHILLONG, March 31: The Vice Chancellor of English and Foreign Languages University (EFLU) ProfE Suresh Kumar on Saturday informed that the university under the University Social Responsibility (USR) programme is planning to come up with a unique project called ‘Adopt a village’.
Addressing reporters at university conference room, Prof Kumar said, “The University campus of Shilling will adopt a village and we will try to help that village in different aspects including education, literacy, languages.”
He said if someone in the village is uneducated, the university can teach that person how to speak English which might help him or her to become a tourist guide.
“We will also try and help the schools in the village and its residents to become responsible citizens of the county,” he said.
He informed that at present the university is planning to concentrate on one village only however later upon the success of this project the university will adopt more villages in the future.
However, the university has yet to identify the village they are going to adopt for the project.
In this connection, he said, “I will direct the Director of the university to take up the process in identifying the village.”
Prof. Kumar said that the university is planning to start a training and orientation programme for the teachers of Meghalaya which will enhance the teaching capability of the teachers.
“We want to train the school teacher of Meghalaya and we want to do it in a scientific and systematic manner because if school teaching is good we can expect a bright and successful tion,” he said adding that this is however just an idea but will need to be realized after systems are put in place.
The Vice Chancellor informed that the University at present has French, German, Spanish and Russian departments of language and within three monthsJapanese and Mandarin will be included in the university.
He also appeal to the youths of the county including the youths of the seven states in North East to think big and plan their career with foreign language as their main career.
It may be mentioned that on March 29, the Chief Minister suggested the Vice Chancellor to start foreign languages particularly Japanese and Mandarin, which will benefit the students of the region.
He further informed that in India there are forty central universities out of which five universities have been conferred with full autonomous status by the UGC and that EFLU is among those five universities. “This means that we can design our own courses and even start new courses depending on the requirement of the society and we can also appoint faculty from other countries.”