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Ethnic bodies to boycott hearing

Citizenship (Amendment) Bill

Staff Reporter
GUWAHATI, April 11: A meeting of various ethnic organizations of the State has decided to boycott the hearing on the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill, 2016 slated for April 17, 2018 in Delhi.
The meeting has also made it clear that ‘haste makes waste’ – any move to deny organizations and groups of Assam from expressing their views on the Bill will cost the government dearly as that may lead to the annulment of any progress made.
A number of organizations of various ethnic groups of the State had a meeting at Dispur Press Club on Wednesday with Sadou Asom Chutia Sanmilan president Mohan Saikia in the chair.
Talking to this reporter, Sadou Asom Koch Rajbongshi general secretary Himu Rajbongshi said: “The hearing on such an important Bill is taking place in Delhi, not in Assam. April 12, 2018 was the date for hearing on the Bill after repeated cancellation of the date by the Joint Parliamentary Committee (JPC) formed by the government. However, the date has been deferred again for reasons best know to the JPC only. This is not all. Only a few organizations have been called for the hearing. This can’t be allowed to happen.”
The meeting, according to Rajbongshi, has decided to boycott the April 17, 2018 hearing on the Bill as called by the JPC. “This is not all. We’re also going to hold a mass rally in the State against the passage of the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill. The meeting has already formed a conveners’ committee for holding the mass rally against the Bill. Haste makes waste. Any move on the part of the JPC to hold the hearing with some select ones, denying others of expressing their views on the Bill, will cost it dearly. We’re not going to let the Bill get its passage.”
The Sadou Asom Mottock Sanmilan; Tai Ahom Juba Parishad, Assam; Sadou Asom Koch Rajbonghsi Sanmilan; Sadou Asom Modahi Jagosthi Sanmilan, Kalita Jaangosthi Joutha Sangram Samiti, th-Jogi Jatiya Parishad, Anusuchita Jati Juba Parishad, Sadou Asom Goriya Parishad, Chutia Chatra Santha, Sadou Asom Hajong Chatra Santha, Chirai Xe, Kalita Jagosthir Joutha Sangram Samiti and others were present at the meeting.