Exciting, varied fare in store for foodies in 2018

 New Delhi, April 30: From a surge in community dining experiences to increasing use of seasonal and indigenous produce, Buddha bowls to floral flavours in food and drinks, to an exponential increase in the organic food trend, there are exciting times ahead in 2018 for food aficionados, experts say. “I see a surge in community dining experiences — everything from secret suppers to mystery menus. The educated, well-travelled urban Indian is looking for more than just a good meal, and this is reflected in our growing interest in a less insular form of dining,” Nachiket Shety, Director, Cellar Door Hospitality, told IANS. “Over the last few years, we’ve witnessed an interest in and commitment to local, seasonal and indigenous produce being used in food service establishments — this will continue to gain prominence across F&B brands,” he added.

According to Chef Noah Barnes, Executive Chef at TabulaBeach and Arriba Mexican Grill & Tequileria, Buddha bowls are one of the healthiest food trends to have taken over the entire Internet. “They are rich in protein, fibre, vitamins, and antioxidants. The colourful bowls are usually loaded with raw or roasted vegetables served on a bed of whole grains with sauce,” Barnes told IANS. He said that since edible flowers have always been used to garnish dishes, “in 2018 they will also be infused with drinks and snacks with botanical flavours. Think of lavender lattes flavoured cocktails”.
Joy Singh, Co-Partner of the Raasta fine diner that has outlets in Delhi, Gurugram and Mumbai, saw “an exponential increase in the organic food trend”. Shety echoed him, saying that with the advent of more than a handful of homegrown beverage producers in 2017, “the craft brewing, small-batch spirit and boutique mixer industry is poised to be the big noisemaker this year”. Did this signal a trend away from hard liquor to wine and beer? As the country evolves, Singh said, the preferences towards the consumption of beverages is increasing and changing drastically. As far as urban areas are concerned, Shety said, the beer and wine markets are experiencing an upswing in demand. (IANS)