Experience Smoothness Right on Your Sweat-free Feet

Socks for smooth sweat free feet

Summer and sweat go together. Sweating is great for the body as it cleans the skin pores, and flushes the toxins out from your body. The sweat glands present in your body moisturize the skin, and at the same time, it helps in regulating the body temperature. However, profuse sweating can get inconvenient and awkward. And, when you are literally sweating from your feet, it becomes ughh! And, on top of that, you have to wear socks to protect your feet, which is one of the main reasons of having sweaty feet. By the way sweaty feet stink too. Don’t worry, Amazon has a perfect solution for this. We’ll just change the kind of socks you are wearing girls!

This time, go for transparent Nylon socks. These socks are ultra thin and of transparent material, and allow your skin to breathe. They give a soft touch on the skin. The best part is, it comes in different patterns and designs, so you can mix and match your perfect pair with your attire, and have beautiful feet. After all, nobody wants pedicured toes with stinky feet, right?

Zoom Womens Ankle Length Ultra Thin Transparent Socks Pack

Well, this one comes in a pack of 7, with different prints like leopard prints, cat prints, etc. Cool!  This has a soft and smooth touch on the feet. You can wear it during summer and winter, both the seasons.

If you don’t want the animal prints or patterns, then you can try these ones too.

Ultra-Thin Transparent Crystal Lace Socks  

Experience smoothness with a velvety touch. These ankle-high socks have velvet touch laces. Their quality is higher than the crystal silk, and not easy to tear. Durable!

Krystle Thin Elastic Lace Dot Net Semi Transparent Colourful Socks  

These high quality ankle length lace socks come in a pack of 5. They have bright colour shades with dots, matched with black net – great for mix & match.