Experts discuss issues topical to South Asia

New Delhi, July 5: Several noted policymakers, bureaucrats, academicians, and journalists from different spheres came together at the second edition of Oxford University Press’ South Asia Conclave, debating on the recent developments in South Asia and its significant positioning in geopolitics. The conclave, held Wednesday here, closely examined the key issues affecting Indian politics, ideology and identity, business and politics, political finance, civil-military relations, and healthcare policy. The first session focused on “politics of Ideology and Identity; the role of western notion and the rise of social conservation”. The speakers debated how the ideology and patronage in the Indian political system should be more connected rather than the sharp divide that we see today. The session focussed on how despite India being one of the fastest growing countries in the world, it has been debated that the same progress has not been extended to its public health sector. In contrast to developed countries such as the United States, where health policies hold significance in electoral politics, healthcare in India is not a constituent concern, leading to an abysmally low government investment in the sector. (IANS)