Experts identify insect

 A Correspondent

JOYSAGAR, April 28: The unidentified insect which caused quite a health scare in Sivasagar has finally been identified by the experts of the Indian Council of Medical and Biological Research, Dibrugarh.  The insect is the Deer Fly, as reported by Dr Dipankar Biswas and Dr Prafulla Dutta of the ICMBR Centre in their final examination report submitted to the Sivasagar Deputy Commissioner on Friday. The experts also revealed that such kind of insect was available only in some districts of USA and the species laid eggs in water bodies which remain intact under a particular natural environment.  In the greater Dikhowmukh area and its surroundings, these insects created a health scare among the local villagers by biting them, following which the villagers suffered from fever and some kind of skin diseases few weeks ago.