Facebook Signs Pact in United States to End Advertisement Discrimination


San Francisco, July 25: Facebook has signed a new agreement with the US state of Washington to ban discriminatory advertisements on its platform. Under the legally binding agreement, Facebook will make significant changes to its advertising platform, so as to end the practice of allowing advertisers to exclude certain groups based on race, religious belief and sex orientation from viewing advertisements of housing, credit, employment, insurance and public accommodations, informed Bob Ferguson, Attorney General (AG), Washington state. Ferguson said these changes will be completed within 90 days and go effective nationwide, though the agreement is legally binding in Washington. “Facebook’s advertising platform allowed unlawful discrimination on the basis of race, sexual orientation, disability and religion,” said Ferguson. “That’s wrong, illegal, and unfair.” The new agreement was a result of a 20-month probe by Ferguson’s office, which found that the advertisers were excluding users by race when they use Facebook’s “multicultural affinity” category in its ad targeting tool. (IANS)