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False Promises of Women Representation and Empowerment

Guwahati: Despite the buzz of the political parties for women empowerment, a reality check shows otherwise. Nomination of women as policy makers in India is still marginal and a distant dream. The recent polls in different states narrate this melancholy.

In 2017 Gujarat polls mere 6.7 percent candidates were women, in Himachal Pradesh, it was 5.6 percent. In 2018, Nagaland had 5 women candidates but did not win. In Meghalaya, there were 33 women candidates but 3 won, contrary to the fact that women take voting seriously. In Himachal Pradesh’s 48 out of 68 constituencies, women voted more. Ironically, political parties boast rhetorical manifestos on women empowerment. Even the bill on the reservation of seats for women in parliament remained abeyance.