Fate of contractual labourers in Tinsukia Terminal hangs in the balance

Our Correspondent
TINSUKIA, June 5: The Assam Petroleum Mazdoor Union (APMU) and AOC Contractual Labour Union (AOCCLU) are at loggerheads with the IOC (AOD) management over the fate of contractual labourers in Tinsukia Terminal of IOC (AOD) following engagement of fresh contractual labourers at Digboi Golai Terminal, even as intervention of Tinsukia district administration and local MLA failed to break the impasse. The union leaders contended that the IOC (AOD) management had no transparent policy regarding absorption of contractual labourers. The contractual labourers who have been working in Tinsukia Terminal for last 20 years are on the verge of losing their job. They alleged that the Digboi terminal, which was about to be made operational, had gone into the hands of anti-socials allegedly due to negligence of GM (Operation) Indian Oil (AOD) Guwahati.

A reconciliation meeting was held at the office of the Deputy Commissioner of Tinsukia on Sunday, which was attended by Pranabjit Kakoty ADC, Ranjan Choudhury, president of APMU, Tarun Hazarika, president of AOCCLU, Binod Kr Sharma GM (Ops) IOC (AOD), Sudip Das, contractor of Digboi terminal and ASP Saurav Saikia ASP.

A communiqué issued by Ranjan Choudhury stated that the meeting was unanimous in expressing concern at the state of affairs at Digboi terminal and criticized the role of IOC (AOD) management in handling the issue.

Sanjay Kishan in strong terms said that the contractual workers of Tinsukia terminal should be absorbed at Digboi terminal else Tinsukia terminal would not be shifted to Digboi ensuring full security to the staff. After GM (Ops) asked contractor Sudip Das to manage local people, the members vent their ire on the GM. Binod Sharma, however, assured that all the 47 workers engaged on contractual basis in different sections in Tinsukia Terminal would be employed.