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FIFA craze just got better!

A group of young Mexican football fans had a much unexpected friend to the World Cup, Russia. They carried out their friend’s hardboard cut-out to FIFA 2018. But the question is why the cut-out, why not him? Apparently, Javier, whose cut-out is now famous all over the world, was not allowed travel to Russia by his wife.

A group of six friends including him decided and planned to travel to Russia to witness live Football matches in Russia 2018. But sadly, Javier cancelled the plan as his wife did not want him to go. But if your friends do not take you to new ‘places,’ who will? His friends made sure he did not miss out on any of the fun happening in Russia. They made a human-sized cardboard cut-out of their friend and took ‘him’ to all the games. And his t-shirt said, “My wife didn’t let me go.”

Well, if you think all this ended then and there, you are wrong. Javier’s friends created a Facebook page totally dedicated to his cardboard cut-out’s adventures in Russia. Starting from posing with Football fans to the cut-out drinking beer, they posted all the ‘fun’ his cut-out had. Well, Javier’s cardboard cut-out was seen having a good time in Russia; not in body but in spirit.

The twitter family got crazy by this new ‘stunt’ done by a group of friends to make a joke out of their friend. We have no idea how his wife reacted to it, but this surely took the FIFA craze to another level!

Also, it’s time to ponder upon the fact that – Are your friends better than Javier’s?

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