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First Impression Of Guwahati – Unkempt Flyovers!



GUWAHATI: A question to ponder, what must or should be done to arouse a sleeping administration focus on state’s development? Burdened with ample problems that are sagging the spirit of development, the state has a lot on its plate. The key factor is figuring out a way to deal with the issues systematically by assigning them to appropriate departments, one which remains a far-off dream for the city.

The first glimpse of the city is through the Khanapara flyover in NH 37, marking it a gateway for entry and exit. This flyover has been lying in an unkempt condition for the past year without any department ever lifting a finger to even acknowledge that there is a problem. Overgrown weeds on either side of the flyover and also in the centre make it an unsightly scene for any tourist visiting the city.

A Guwahatian Indranee Neogi, who travels to Jagiroad everyday for work through the Khanapara over-bridge said, “This area experiences a lot of traffic, especially during the morning hours as ISBT buses arrive and leave and tourists can be seen arriving. The first sight that they are greeted with is the traffic and the disheveled bridge. It can hardly be understood that one has entered the economic hub of Assam with all the dust and weeds overgrowing in the bridge. It is a shame really.”

With so much of emphasis laid on Swacchhatta Abhiyyan, the campaign seems to be a complete failure when the roads itself can boast of only wild plants growing all over the place. This is the state of not just the Khanapara flyover but also the ISBT over-bridge. Pankaj Ray, a daily commuter to Rangia said, “I have stopped taking out the bike to commute to work due to all the dust from the accumulated sand that is never cleared. The roads are dilapidated and lack maintenance. The Sarusojai stadium is nearby and both national and international players visit the area. This road is definitely not the right kind impression I would like to leave them with. It illustrates our city in a bad light.”

Now the responsibility of overseeing the maintenance and development of these flyovers befalls on National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) and also the District Administration of the city, none of which appear to be bugged about the issue. It remains to be seen whether there will be any change in the road conditions of our supposedly ‘rapidly developing’ city, one that the government has recently fueled with a lot of promises, which the citizens await to see bear fruit.