First Trump-era slaying of Indian: Telanga youngster shot dead in US

WARANGAL, Feb 12: In the first deadly hate crime against an Indian since Dold Trump became president of the US, a young man from Warangal district in Telanga was shot dead from close range in San Francisco, California on Saturday evening. Vamsi Reddy Mamidala was driving back to his apartment after finishing his shift in a part-time job duty when his car was stopped by a man, said to be Caucasian. The gunman took Vamsi Reddy’s wallet and then shot him at close range, the youngster’s relatives in Warangal said. Vamsi Reddy Mamidala had recently completed his MS course in Computer Science from a university in Silicon Valley and was looking for software jobs in the area while working part-time in a store.  Distraught over son’s death, Vamsi Reddy’s father Mamidala Mohan Reddy, a farmer, told New Indian Express, “He spoke to me two days ago. He was very worried about his future as the new government in the US is imposing restrictions on the hiring of foreign tiols in the IT sector. I asked him not to worry about getting a job and asked him to come back to India. But he was gone within two days.” (IANS)