Guwahati Fish market continues to wear deserted look


Staff Reporter

GUWAHATI, July 22: The fish market in the City continues to wear a deserted look in the wake of the 10-day ban imposed by the Assam Government on imported fish from Andhra Pradesh and other states after the detection of use of formalin for preservation of fish. Although the 10-day ban has expired and the on-the-spot testing kits have arrived from abroad, yet the necessary tests could not be executed as fish from Andhra Pradesh and other states like Bihar have not arrived in the State for the officials to carry out the necessary tests.

On Saturday, the Food Safety officials visited the Betkuchi fish market but non-arrival of fish from outside the state caused them to return without any test being conducted. It has also come to be known that one hundred fish can be tested for the presence of formalin with one kit.