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Fish, Vegetable Prices Up In Guwahati Due To Floods


GUWAHATI: Prices of fish and vegetables have skyrocketed in Guwahati, and the blame apparently goes to floods. This is an example of how floods can wreak havoc for commoners.

Half of the fish market on the bank of the Brahmaputra at Uzan Bazar in the city has been submerged. The remaining half of the market is also at stake. With flood waters seen everywhere in the State, fishing is simply not possible in the State right now. In the absence of local fish, imported fish from other States simply fail to meet the demand of the commodity in the State. And this has led to rise in prices of fish.

Guwahati gets vegetable supplies mainly from Kharupetia, Dolgaon, Meghalaya etc. Because of floods, supply of vegetables has stopped from some of these places.  The Beltola Bazar on Sunday witnessed hike in prices of vegetables. Short-supply of vegetables was also glaring in the market. Vegetables that have been priced at Rs 15/20 by the wholesalers are sold at Rs 45-50 by the retailers. It has been seen that the retailers have been charging more than double of the wholesale prices. The retailers say that this being the monsoon season they’ve no way out to take to such hikes in prices.

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