Fitness Accessories under 1500!

Fitness Accessories

Fitness is the all new craze! All the latest trends in media show you tips and advice to get that sculpted, toned look. However, no diet tips can beat the classic workout regime! This summer do not fall behind in getting that perfect beach body. Hop in with the rest of the populace and get that perfect shape to flaunt all your summer wardrobe but one thing you cannot neglect in your journey for that perfect body is fitness accessories. It is very essential to get that best gear for your workout regime. Otherwise, you can encounter lasting injuries. It is very important that the fitness accessories you use are of good quality because poor quality gear will be detrimental and even dangerous for your health. Fitness accessories are also important for several workout sessions where gear is necessary.  However if you think that getting fit is a way to create a hole in your wallet, worry not. Amazon brings to you a range of fitness accessories of high quality in super affordable prices.

  1. Protoner Wall Mounting Pull Up Chin up Bar with Ab Straps fitness accessory for home gym

This chin up bar with padded foam grips and heavy-duty steel construction has a fixed pillar length 19 inches and a top rod length 38 inches. The maximum weight it can support is 120 kg. The inbox contents are 1 Wall Mounting Chin-Up Bar and 1 Pair Ab Straps.


  1. Vector X Skipping Rope (Black)

Unleash your inner child to get that perfect trim body. Now, at amazon get the perfect freestyle skipping rope in a monochromic black. It is made of nylon and has a specifically designed non-slip, two tone contoured handle.

  1. Nivia Wrist Support (Black)

Support your wrists with the black easy to wear wrist support made of stretchable fabric from nivia.