FKJGP slams Pala

SHILLONG, June 28: The Federation Khasi Jaintia Garo People (FKJGP) has slammed the Lok Sabha MP from Shillong Vincent Pala who stated that pressure groups are the main obstacles to development activities in the State.
FKJGP president Joe Marwein in a statement released here on Tuesday said, “If the government plans to bring any project or development through transparency and accountability which will also not affect the wellbeing of the people then there will be no opposition or obstruction from anyone.”
He observed that there is a need for pressure group, anti –government, NGOs to exist to keep a close eye on the functioning of the government so as to achieve good governce.
Stating that economic development should walk hand in hand with social development, he said, “Development should not come with a cost on health or damage to the environment but when we look at our state in the me of development many forest are destroyed, rivers polluted, the setting up of more industries without any master plant has become a curse towards the environment.”
On the issue of influx, he said, “We want to clarify to state government that our state falls under the special category state because we are indigenous people and we need strong laws to tackle the increasing number outsiders entering our state.”
He further said the government should first put in place proper measure to tackle influx then a discussion on railways can be taken up.