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Following The Footsteps of Assam, Now Bengal, Bihar and Delhi Too Raises Fresh Demands for National Register of Citizens(NRC)

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Guwahati: With the heated arguments centering National Register of Citizens in Assam, other states of the country too are now showing their interest in the extension of NRC to their states and the prominent names among those are Delhi, Bihar and Bengal. As the demand for the NRC is to be raised at the parliament today, it is likely to create a commotion at the upper house. The ‘illegal Bangladeshi migrants’ issue has left the country shaken and hence, with a partial success of the NRC in Assam, despite all the debates over its outcomes, other states too are seeing a ray of hope in the form of the National Register of Citizens.

BJP leader Naresh Agarwal said today that many parts of the country are still under the grip of the illegal Bangladeshis and hence, the NRC should be extended to other states as well. Agarwal stated, “National Register of Citizens (NRC) is a matter of national security. There are states also such as Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, West Bengal and others where like Assam illegal Bangladeshi immigrants are staying.”

A similar demand like that of Agarwal has also been raised by Delhi BJP president Manoj Tiwari who seeks for NRC implementation in Delhi. North East Students’ Organisation (NESO) also lauded the Assam government for its achievement in preparing the National Register of Citizens draft and adds that similar actions should be implemented in other North-Eastern states as well which also are facing similar illegal immigration issues. Samuel Jyrwa, the NESO chairman stated, “The NRC was one of the demands after the Assam Accord. Now, we desire that it should be extended to all the north eastern states.”

With names of over 4 million people in Assam being excluded from the final draft of the NRC, after a long-drawn process of identifying illegal Bangladeshis living in the state; the neighbouring states and other mainstream states of India are finding a good reason to exercise the same process in their states as well which will make it easy for them to figure out the illegal people.