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#FollowTrafficRules : Assam Police’s Tweet Lauded by Celebrities

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#FollowTrafficRules Tweet by Assam Police ACP receives massive support on Twitter.

Guwahati: Bollywood Celebrity Shahrukh Khan on Friday shared a post on Twitter appreciating the initiative of Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP)  Ponjit Dowerah.

The post by the Assam Police official displayed the B-town Celebrity’s signature outstretched arms position to create awareness about traffic rules.

The “outstretched arm” is Sharukh’s signature style which had become popular after his movie Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge.

Sharing the post of the ACP, Sharukh wrote, ” The best message I think this pose has conveyed. Please please follow traffic rules”.

Recently another Bollywood actress Kajol had appreciated the #ThinkBeforeYouStalk tweet.

Sharukh’s tweet on #FollowTrafficRules has garnered 16 thousand likes and has been retweeted 2700 times.

Twitterati has appreciated and lend their support to such innovative campaigns and celebrities who endorse them.

The social media wing of Assam police has been actively involved in making use of the virtual space to launch campaigns aimed at making a difference. The recently launched #Thethinkcampaign, which aims to spread awareness on child and women safety, drug abuse, social evils etc, has connected very well with the tech-savvy generation.