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Forgiveness, peace and compassion can redefine the world in New Year

Sentinel Digital DeskBy : Sentinel Digital Desk

  |  28 Dec 2015 12:00 AM GMT


The world waits to welcome the coming New Year with anticipation and eagerness that could be measured by the ways the people around the globe make preparations with friends and families to mould new memories and cherish the old ones. This baggage of sweet and sour memories what make us think of making new resolutions and divulge on what went wrong with the past year’s pledges to do something for someone or society at large makes New Year special.

Opinions differs a propos to relevance of celebrating the future year and how the incumbent year went for the concerned and the indifferent ones who in their individual side have faced small or big triumphs or letdowns. The elongated 365 days cannot be measured by any scales of synthetic or inte apparatus as each day brought within its fold various social, economic, political or cultural expansion that was highly eventful whilst some proved to be disastrous for humanity.

Views or to say self discernment of bygone year needs to be collectively ascertained to understand or focus on our new goals and rectify the previous ones. Well to be precise, celebrations may have overpowered our minds and we tend to socialize more than to work on our goals yet for some the call of humanity still rings the bell who step in the fresh year to make up for the lost year. The year that had illumited some faces while saddened a few had also witnessed widespread upheaval in all forms.

People from different walks of life have opinioted their thoughts on how events tiolly or intertiolly have left deep marks in their life although they may not have been directly associated with any of them. Yet the feeling of longing to the same brotherhood referred to as humanity, what makes us ponder over the ways to resolve the matters that need the support of the entire age bracket in finding out the right way. New Year for some brings new hopes while for a few it means just any other day as struggles and expectations are what define their life.

The anticipation of the much awaited New Year leaves behind us several memories on how each of us have fared in our individual pursuits both positively or negatively. If on the persol front we aspire for new visions, while for the society and country we anticipate new changes for people of every stratum. In a bid to understand what each of us want from the coming New Year could spell out how we can turn our living environment into a secured nucleus. Some want to see a change in government policies as a relief to thousand issues that are still to be resolved, while some want the legal system and the justice delivery mechanism to be unbiased, more particularly based on tural justice. For the youth on the other hand, educatiol and employment opportunities will take a prime area of attentiveness. Moreover, the eradication of poverty, education for girl child, end of violence, end of societal, religious and commul rifts that were aggravated from fallacious thinking will form the base for cooperative hard work.

The concluding year had many thought-provoking episodes on which intellectuals, educationists, social activists, political thinkers and the new generation as part of this statehood, has a say which had or may have straight or roundabout consequence in their being. When in the current year some people achieved great feats and brought laurels for their state in the field of culture and sports, some sacrificed their life for the cause of protecting the lives of others, some even faced the wrath of ture and lost their everything, while a few got hooked up in court proceedings and preceding judgments in high profile and sensitive cases that were blotched by guarded questions, a large section were engulfed in bloodshed and atrocities on mankind by the bug of sadism the world over. Therefore, the aforesaid happenings can be summed up as the overall pros and cons that will contribute towards formulating new ideologies that may heal the wounds of the past with the dream of new hope to get fulfilled in the impending year.

Hope that the forthcoming year positively may endow the world at large with the gift of self consciousness of spirituality, peace and harmonious collaboration of mind and body in order to regain what we lost in the year 2015 that could be woven into a new shell of optimized eye-opener by way of shared visions.

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