Former Argentina Vice President Amado Boudou Convicted Over Corruption Charges

Amado Boudou

Buenos Aires: An Argentine court has sentenced former Vice President Amado Boudou to five years and seven months in prison for corruption in connection with the purchase of a currency-printing firm. Judges Pablo Bertuzzi, Nestor Costabel, Maria Gabriela Lopez Iniguez and Jorge Gorini ordered Amado Boudou’s immediate arrest on Tuesday, and banned him for life from public office, Efe news reported. The court imposed a similar sentence for Boudou’s business partner, Jose Maria Nunez Carmona, who was found to be an accomplice, as well as a term of four years and six months for Nicolas Ciccone, the former owner of the eponymous company, for paying bribes. The court concluded that Boudou and his associate, using a shell company known as The Old Fund, bought the then-bankrupt printing firm with the eventual goal of securing currency- and official document-printing contracts. (IANS)