Former coach Moyes willing to return to Manchester United

London, Jan 8: Former Everton and Real Sociedad head coach David Moyes has said that he “would take the job again” at Manchester United which he left in 2014 and where he was replaced by Dutch Louis van Gaal.

Moyes, 52, was appointed as United’s mager to succeed Alex Ferguson between July 2013 and April 2014, before he was fired. The Scot headed to Spain to coach Real Sociedad, before he was fired again on November 9, reports Efe.

In an interview with BBC, Moyes said: “I wouldn’t have done anything different. I would have only done it different if I’d have known that it was 10 months, instead of six years.

“My understanding was I was going to a club that always looked after their magers, even when they were in trouble, when it wasn’t going well. You got your time to sort things out and I was under that illusion when I was there and I didn’t think anything else.”

Moyes said he had a guud football squad but it needed more time to play well under him.

“I had a great group of players that had just won the league under Sir Alex, but it was going to take time for that to change, evolve and, of course, it was going to have to be a change of players over time. But it couldn’t be done in 10 months,” Moyes explained.

The Scottish mager stressed: “Would I take the job again?

“Of course I would. There are very few magers in the world who wouldn’t want to mage Manchester United.” IANS

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