Former NCHAC EM appeals for proper draige system

From a Correspondent

Haflong, Feb 15: With the appeal to give necessary direction to Simplex Company under tiol Highway Authority to construct at least 3 or 4 culverts in between Boro Haflong to New Boro Haflong which fall under Jatinga-Haflong feeder road for proper draige system, the former Executive Member of NC Hills Autonomous Council, Samsadimbe Jeme submitted a memorandum to the Deputy Commissioner of Dima Hasao recently.

Jeme stated that Jatinga- Haflong Feeder Road was under construction by Simplex Company engaged by NHA and the company had not built any culvert in between Boro Haflong to New Boro Haflong area for passing of rain water and there was also no proper draige system as a result of which life and property of people were in danger.  “As there is no culvert, rain water from the roadside enters my plot in the rainy season and thereby causes damage to my property,” he stated.

Further, he said if the culvert was not constructed for passing rain water then there was every possibility of clashes between the people of New Boro Haflong, Boro Haflong and Songpijang regarding overflow of rain water and hence, at least 3 or 4 culverts had to be constructed and there should be proper draige system.