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Former President of India Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed’s Nephew’s Name Not in National Register of Citizens List

Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed's Nephew

Ziauddin Ali Ahmed, former President of India Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed’s nephew has stated that the final draft of the NRC does not contain his and some of his family member’s names. The NRC list released on last Monday does not include the names of almost 40 lakhs names in it and unfortunately, the late former President’s family is one among those.

Ahmed says “Our names are not mentioned in NRC list as my father’s name is not mentioned in the legacy data document, I will get in touch with my uncle’s family members.” As is already evident, only 2.89 crore out of 3.29 crore peoples are being included in the final draft. In addition to the illegal Bangladeshi immigrants, there are a host of other indigenous natives and citizens of the state whose names are not included in the list and this indicates that the drafting is not yet error free. Much alterations would have to be made yet and irrespective of that, it has to be admitted that Assam finally has got what it was waiting for and the final draft of the NRC have highlighted the remarkable quantity of illegal immigrants living in the state.

A bench of Justices including Ranjan Gogoi and R F Nariman asked the Centre to place the standard operating procedure in order to deal with the claims of those people who are excluded from NRC before the Supreme Court on August 16. people who are being excluded from the NRC list are assured to be given a fair mechanism so that the rightful citizens do not have to be harassed in the name of NRC update.

The entire process of taking complains and objections from the people will start on August 30 and will continue till September 28 and hence, the common people are asked to present their claims accordingly.