Foundation stone laid for development of roads

 A Correspondent
Boko, April 29: Boko constituency MLA Nandita Das on Sunday laid the foundation stone for development of two important roads. These roads will be developed under 2017-18 State own Priority Scheme- General (SOPD-G). The total amount for the schemes for road development is Rs 2.3 crore for Hekera to Nagarbera road (total distance of the road 12 km) and Rs 1.5 crore for Boko to Samaria road (late Nabin Kalita road) and total distance of the road is 7.5 km.
 MLA Nandita Das said that both roads were very important because the Boko- Samaria road also connected with the 30-bedded Boko Hospital and on the other hand, Hekera Nagarbera road was the shorter route to Guwahati city. Every year during the rainy season, the Hekera Nagarbera road gets damaged due to flood. SDO PWD Subdivision, Hiten Kalita was present in the programme.