Four rhino poachers, including a VDP member, apprehended

From a Correspondent

GAON, (HAIBORGAOB), June 26: In a major breakthrough, forest guards, Special Task Force and the police of Rang Bong Bey police station, Karbi-Anglong district in a joint operation in the wee hours of Sunday, apprehended a rhino poacher from Bidia Krogaon, Karbi-Anglong and subsequently, on the basis of his statement, the same operation team bbed another three poachers from Kanchanjuri and gaon- Karbi-Anglong border area Mandaligaon respectively.

According to the sources, they have been identified as Dilip Takbi of Bidia Krogaon, Karbi-Anglong, Modi Jamai, Montu Bodo of Kanchanjuri under Jakhalabandha police station and Dipen Ingtipi of gaon- Karbi-Anglong district border area Mandaligaon, Karbi-Anglong. The sources here added that the operation unit could not recover any kinds of arms and ammunitions from their possession till filing of this report. The sources further stated that on basis of the statement of hardcore poacher Hamsing Kramsa, the operation unit launched the search operation on Sunday.

Interestingly, Dilip Takbi was involved in rhino poaching since 2012 and he successfully poached four rhinos in Kaziranga tiol Park though he entered the park eight times to kill rhino which he admitted during interrogation, the sources added. In his statement, Takbi, however, admitted as that he got Rs 2,000 for the first rhino poaching and in the second he got Rs 40,000 while in the last two cases he directly sold on the spot and got Rs 35 lakh respectively. He even claimed that they had no arms and ammunitions of their own; rather they were taking arms and ammunitions from Karbi militant group KPLT on rent. He even stated that sometimes they gave the arms and ammunitions to other poacher groups on rent, the sources added.

On the other hand, the apprehended rhino poacher Modi Jamai is a member of a village defense party (VDP) and involvement of members of village defense parties in rhino poaching has drawn mass reaction from various sections of the public.