Man Posing as Media Person Arrested for Fraud, Demanding Money From Truck Owner in Tinsukia, Assam

Fraud Media

Our Correspondent

TINSUKIA, July 22: Tinsukia Police on Thursday arrested a media person, identified as Debashis Dey, and sent him to jail, though after much dilly-dallying. Debashis claimed to be a member of three electronic news channels and had demanded money from an overloaded mini truck. The owner of the truck, on being informed by the driver, dragged the so-called media person to the police station. The police, according to reports, initially were reluctant to register the case following intervention of few channel owners whose commitment to journalistic ethics has always been questioned.
According to reports, Debashis, along with few unscrupulous youths, stopped an overloaded 407 mini truck and recorded footage of the truck. They also allegedly took the vehicle inside a petrol pump. When the truck owner appeared, Debashis’ accomplices fled from the scene.

Though some local news channels have stopped airing news, their reporters with invalid press cards frequently target the business community in Tinsukia town. They allegedly have an unholy nexus with police officials and informers. The Tinsukia District Journalist Association (TDJA) on several occasions has raised the matter with the district police but to no avail. The TDJA even requested the Tinsukia Superintendent of Police to check the genuineness of Press Card holders and also to screen vehicles tagged with ‘PRESS’. Significantly, the number of e-media personnel has increased many folds in recent times in Tinsukia district and Tinsukia town in particular. Debashis’s arrest has been welcomed by the press fraternity.