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Free healthcare service by city hospital

By our Staff Reporter

GUWAHATI, Feb 13: Freebies in the form of healthcare to patients galore at the Down Town Health Mela held at Lakhidhar Bora Khetra in the city on the occasion of 28th anniversary of the hospital today. The mela was aimed at bringing in health awareness among the people. Hemoglobin test, sugar test, neurological tests, ENT surgeries, etc., were extended free of cost. Orthopedic, physiotherapy, urology, diabetes tests were also extended free of cost. Those who rendered their services for taking such tests are specialists in their respective departments. Psychological treatment was also extended to the patients, free of cost. The patients will, however, have to procure the medicines prescribed today from Down Town Hospital. The Mela also witnessed the release of a number of medical books, Hospital’s superintendent Dr. Udayan Baruah said. The Mela also displayed a number of dietetically hygienic foods. Taking the practice of modern youths not taking healthy foods in the me of dieting, the hospital has produced a number of such healthy foods in the form of pickles with ba flowers; oat and linseed ladu; a mixture of puffed rice, gram, pea and cornflakes; etc. Such foods are without much cholesterol. Tips were also given not to take barfi, butter, chocolate, yolk of eggs, cakes etc.