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Fruit prices skyrocket during Ramadan and Ambubachi eve

By our Staff Reporter

GUWAHATI, June 8: Expectations of the people of Assam on the new BJP-led government in the State is very high, especially on the prices of essential commodities. However, an unscrupulous racket is out to bring disrepute to the government by raising the prices of essential commodities, especially that of fruits, during the festival season.

The Holy Ramadan began on June 7. The consumption of fruits in this month is always more than other months on the year. The Ambubachi is also in June. During the Ambubachi Mela at Kamakhya Temple the sales of fruits go up in the State.

Taking the advantage of this situation, a section of unscrupulous traders has raised the prices of fruits. Princes of all fruits have gone up from Rs 15 to Rs 25 at the fruit market at Fancy Bazar in the city. While apple is sold at Rs 120-250 a kg, grape is sold at Rs 220 a kg, mango is sold at Rs 80-220, plum at Rs 100 a kg, guava at Rs 100 a kg, pomegrate at Rs 160 a kg and berry at Rs 200-350 a kg and litchi at Rs 250 and above a kg. The prices of ba have also gone up.

Traders say that the supply of fruits in the State is not as per the demand, and that has led to the rise in prices. They also say that middle men are always there in the market.

The general public say that they have noticed the rise in prices of fruits at a time when they have to fast. “If the prices of fruits go up this way, the poor in the State have to bear the brunt. The Ambubachi is also approaching. The prices of fruits will also go up during the Ambubachi as well, and that will affect the common people of the State who are pious in ture,” a number of common people said, and added: “We appeal to the government to check the rise in prices of fruits. We also appeal to the government to reign in on the unscrupulous traders the way it has cracked down on illegal check-gates in the State.”