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FT serves notice to BJP MLA, family members

Our Correspondent
SILCHAR, May 18: Amidst the heat generated in the State over NRC update and Joint Parliamentary Committee (JPC) hearing on the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill, 2016 the situation is hotting up further with the issuance of notices to BJP’s Borkhola MLA Kishor Nath and his family members by the foreigners tribunal.
Nath and his family members have been served with notice by Foreigners Tribunal of Cachar district casting doubt over their nationalities. With this, it has come to light that the MLA and his family have been tagged as doubtful voters.

Kishor Nath, a resident of Ward No. 28, has said firmly that he and his family members are Indians, and there cannot be any second thought about it. These notices have sent a shockwave to his family members comprising his wife Nilima Nath, four brothers Motilal Nath, Pradip Nath, Jagadish Nath and Manik Nath and his brother’s wife Rakhi Nath. “There’s a high possibility of a conspiracy here. We cannot be marked or labeled as ‘D’ voters,” the MLA said.

Kishor Nath and his family members will have to appear before the foreigners tribunal’s judge to prove their Indian citizenship. In July 13, 2015, such a notice was served on MLA Dilip Kumar Paul’s brother Pradip Kumar Paul and his wife. Like Kishor Nath, they too got a nasty shock.