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‘Ganja from Tripura finding its way to mainland India’


SHILLONG, Feb 2: Tripura based marijua (Ganja) are sophisticatedly concealed before being transported to other places in mainland India. This was revealed to The Sentinel by a senior official of the Shillong based Directorate of Customs and Excise (preventive unit) of the Northeastern region. While the roads used by rcotic peddlers are virtually the same, it’s the packaging that was deceptive, stated an official after monitoring the latest seizures that is based on accurate intelligence inputs.

“They are no more stuffed in gunny backs. They are compressed and it’s of a very high quality,” the official stated besides mentioning about latest transportation techniques that will trick any casual sleuths. The official said that these transporters even make their lorry (Trucks) have an extra cabin to conceal the consignments. “This is a new trend because Tripura was never a focus area of marijua transshipment till the first seizure,” stated the official.  The marijua’s are transported as far as Bihar and Uttar-Pradesh.

While the canbis from Manipur, galand and Meghalaya is most wanted in the two states, as disclosed by a source from Chapra, Siwan and adjoining districts Bihar, the sudden splurge in making things more sophisticated is a revelation.  While movement of canbis through Jirabam-Silchar-Shillong-Guwhati is not a thing of the past, it is also pertinent to note that these weeds are now more wanted in Bihar. However, these weeds continue to grown in areas of two districts under Khasi Hills and in the hill areas of Manipur. Leave aside the denial mode; they are the feeders of marijua to mainland India.

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