Girl falsely alleges being gang-raped

LAKHIMPUR, April 10: At a time when the Chief Minister of the State has instructed the Police department to initiate stern action against rapists of minor girls, a drama planned by a teeged girl, who alleged being gang raped, under Laluk Police Station of Lakhimpur has created sensation across the district. The incident reveals the degradation of moral values of the young generation.
The teeged girl studying in Class IX alleged that she was raped by four youth on the embankment of the Singara  river  after she was rescued by her mother in a pond by the embankment on Monday morning. The girl stated that she was kidpped by the gang of four youth on Sunday night who had come on bikes. Then she was left abandoned in the pond after she was sexually assaulted. Following her statement, the girl was immediately admitted into Nowboicha Block Primary Health Centre and the matter was reported to the Laluk Police Station.
 Later, she was shifted to North Lakhimpur Civil Hospital for medical diagnosis. Launching an investigation into the case, Laluk Police were potent enough to arrest the four accused. But the truth came into light when the lady officers of Lakhimpur Police interrogated the girl.
Filly the girl confessed that she had spent the previous night with her boyfriend and had physical relationship with him as per her consent. Being afraid of her parents, she framed the whole story and blamed the four innocent youth. Significantly, she left no stone unturned to safeguard her boyfriend. This bitter truth of the rape story by the girl was filly confirmed by Sudhakar Singh, the Superintendent of Police of Lakhimpur district, in front of the media.