Girl goes missing in Golaghat

From a Correspondent

GOLAGHAT (Dhekial), February 9: A 20-year girl has been missing from Golaghat since February 7. In this regard, the family members of the missing girl lodged a complaint at the local police station but they too could not find the girl. On Monday, in the busy ward of Golaghat town, the mother of the missing girl was seen asking pedestrians to help find her daughter, by showing her daughter’s photograph to everyone in a helpless manner.

 The missing girl, Arfin Nessa, is a HS first year student of a junior college. On February 7, she came out from home for some work and did not return home. The mother of the girl, ju Begum alleged that her daughter was in a relationship with a youth med Abraj Rajak. Three days had passed but the girl has not been traced.