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GoI must take immediate steps to create Bodoland, Gorkhaland: Biy Tamang

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KOKRAJHAR, Feb 21: Once movement leader of Gorkha tiol movement led by Subash Gishing and later by Bimal Gurung under the banner of Gorkha Jajati Marcha (GJM), Biy Tamang, who is now Executive Member of Gorkhaland Territorial Council (GTC), while addressing the recently concluded golden jubilee celebration of the ABSU held at Jangkrithai Fwthar, Kokrajhar, said there could be difference in weather temperature between Bodoland and Gorkhaland but the temperature of movement for separate States was the same between them.

Tamang said UP, Bihar and Madhya Pradesh had been divided and new States had been created since 2000 but the demand for separate States of Bodoland and Gorkhaland had been ignored by the Centre. He said the Government of India should take urgent steps to bifurcate Assam and West Bengal to create Bodoland and Gorkhaland states. “We are not going to leave India or seek separation from the country but want State within the Constitution of India for equal rights and justice, to deliver better prospect and economic development to make India economically vibrant and stronger in the world,” he said, adding that self-rule would bring fast economic development in neglected regions like Bodoland and Gorkhaland.

“We are not Pakistani, we are neither Bangladeshi or Chinese but the true sons of India, the indigenous people of India,” he said, adding, “The Government of India should bring a bill for creating Bodoland and Gorkhaland to deliver equal justice and development as the Bodos and Gorkhas deserve to live with equal respect and dignity.”

He said he met Bodofa Upendra th Brahma who shaped the Bodoland Movement to free the downtrodden communities from all forms of suppression and exploitation, and Premsing Brahma, another movement leader of the Bodos, when they started movement in their respective States. He also said he knew that the Gorkhas in Bodoland were living peacefully and were protected and thus the Gorkhas in Hills would ensure peaceful co-existence and protection of Boro people living in Gorkhaland and Door areas. He said he wanted to build a mutual trust and understanding for peaceful co-existence of Bodo and Gorkhas. He further said the Bodo and Gorkhas fought together, are fighting together and will fight together for the creation of new states.

Neeru Reddy, Advocate General of Meghalaya, said no force could defeat the people’s movement. Since Bodoland movement is the movement of mass people, Bodoland would be created.

He also said the Bodo’s demand for homeland started since Simon Commission in Assam where a section of Bodo leaders and intellectuals submitted memorandum demanding solution of Bodo problem and they also opposed the move to merge the then undivided Goalpara district, including present Dhubri, Kokrajhar, Bongaigaon and Chirang districts, with East Pakistan, now Bangladesh. He said the government had assured development in the Bodo belt but the local BTC administration has to approach the government to get their due share. He further said that there should be concrete policy on the creation of new States in India.

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