Golaghat administration launches eviction drive at Rongajan TE

From a Correspondent

GOLAGHAT (Dhekial), Feb 21: The Golaghat district administration launched eviction drive in the Rongajan Tea Estate on Tuesday morning.

According to official sources, Rongajan Tea Estate has encroached more than 100 bighas of government land in various parts of the district. Under Morangi revenue circle, at least 18 bighas of government land has been encroached. In this regard, the authority of Morangi Revenue Circle issued notice several times to clear the encroachment of government land. But the Rongajan Tea Estate authority did not clear the encroached land.

On Tuesday morning, the Golaghat district administration along with officials of Morangi Revenue Circle, police and CRPF launched eviction drive on the encroached government land. The administration was able to clear 5-6 bighas out of 18 bighas of government land. During the eviction drive, about 3,000 newly-planted tea plants were rooted out, which the Rongajan Tea Estate authority had illegally planted in the encroached government land.  In the meantime, hundreds of tea garden labourers of Rongajan Tea Estate came out and protested against the eviction drive.  The eviction drive was launched under supervision of Additiol Deputy Commissioner Utpal Doley. The district administration also informed that eviction drive would continue.