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Golden Guru Commences His Silver Jubilee Kanwar Yatra Wearing 20 KGs of Gold

Golden baba

Golden Baba (guru) – a baba who loves gold, wears gold and even possesses 21 luxury cars, is the talk of the town these days and that is because of the quantity of gold he wears on his body! Lately, the baba has participated in the final leg of the 200km Kanwar Yatra that he has been participating in since 25 years. The amount of gold ornaments the gold Guru wears on his body is jaw-dropping that comprises of  25 heavy gold chains and amazingly enough, each of the chains weigh not less than 500gm that as a whole, values a whopping Rs.6 crore at the current market rate.

The 58-year-old baba has also announced that before he dies, we will hand over the gold to his favourite disciple. Well, this certainly is a good news for his disciples who excels in being his trusted admirer. Going against the tide, this golden baba have been able to pull all the eyes on him just because unlike other saints and babas, he does not believe in moksha and his irresistible love for gold shows that only!

As per the ANI reports, this is the 25th Kanwar Yatra of the guru and as usual, this gold loving baba adorned in heavy and over-sized gold ornaments is going to steal the attentions the most. Apart from the golds and luxury cars that the baba possesses, his Rolex watch worth Rs 27 lakh is another head-turning wealth that the baba wears.

Not to be forgotten, the quantity of the gold ornaments worn by the baba only increases with every passing year. Notably, the gold ornaments worn by the golden guru last year were about 14.5 KGs and in 2016, he wore 12 KGs of gold.

This is to be mentioned in this context that Kanwar Yatra is an annually held yatra which is being observed by the Lord Shiv devotees in Haridwar.