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Gorchuck Police Caught Two Drug Peddlers At ISBT


GUWAHATI: Two people, Kamar Zaman, 30, and Amir Khan, 25, both from Manipur were arrested by Gorchuck Outpost ISBT police at ISBT on Sunday night. As per police source, the two were caught transporting 50 kg of WY (World is Yours) tablets worth approximately 10 lakh.

The two accused sent the tablets via bus transport to Guwahati, while they themselves arrived by flight. While collecting the intoxicants from ISBT, the two were caught red handed. They were planning to further transport the tablets to Siliguri via bus, while they were again planning to catch a plane there. A case (478/19 U/S 22 (c)/ 29 under NDPS Act) is registered against the two accused at Gorchuck police station.


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