Government refuses to interfere without complaints



SHILLONG, Feb 14: The State government will not interfere into the alleged fincial irregularities in the Khasi Hills Autonomous District Council (KHADC). Notwithstanding the alleged fincial mess where the Council money has been transferred to the persol account of the secretary Well June Syiemlieh for some purported convenience, the Minister in charge of District Council Affairs (DCA) Prestone Tynsong said on Tuesday, “As of now we will not interfere with the developments in the KHADC which has been reported in the newspapers.”

“The District Council has its own legislative mandate. We cannot poke our nose unless a complaint is lodged with the department,” stated Tynsong, even as he added, “Let the inquiry committee constituted by the Executive Council table the report on the clutter.”

The Inquiry report is expected to be tabled before the Executive Committee of the KHADC on Thursday. It will be followed by another tabling before the People’s Democratic Forum (PDF) before taking further action. The DCA Minister expressed his displeasure on the alleged developments that have created a storm in the District Council.

He said that the Government will only step in an appropriate manner.

“I hope that the report will be placed before the house to establish the facts pertaining to all those allegations”, Tynsong stated.

“We are monitoring the development and will act on the basis of any complaint,” the minister added.

The ruling PDF led by Pynshngain N Syiem (A congress rebel) has staked in hand after one of the supporting partner-the united Democratic Party (UDP) has sought a clarification on the alleged fincial irregularity.

HS Shylla of the UDP has gone public in questioning the Chief Executive Member (CEM) PN Syiem, besides casting aspersion on the secretary of the council for breach of official procedures.

The Autonomous District Councils are the creation of the sixth schedule of the Indian constitution with its own set up and legislative powers.