Government to facilitate in keeping traditions alive: Mein

 Our correspondent

Itanagar, April 16: Arunachal Pradesh Deputy Chief Minister Chowna Mein has assured that the government would facilitate the preservation of cultural identity by keeping alive the age-old culture and traditions of the tribal communities.
Mein said this while attending the Longte festival at Nyokum Lapang here on Sunday. He said the government has kept fund provision in this year’s budget for the purpose of the preservation and promotion of rich culture and traditions.
Stating that Rs 1 crore was allocated to the research department last year for the documentation of indigenous healing systems, Mein urged the department to utilize the fund purposefully.
He further said there is a huge scope for cultural and village tourism in Arunachal Pradesh due to its lush greenery and scenic beauties.
He invited the guests from the Bollywood – actor Shakti Kapoor and director Shiraz Henry, who also attended the festival – to shoot more films in the State.
He also lauded Bollywood superstar Salman Khan for promoting Arunachal tourism by releasing a video on YouTube, which the actor has done to showcase the scenic beauty and tourism potential of the State.
Tourism Minister Jarkar Gamlin termed the Longte festival a unique festival— an environment-friendly and wildlife-friendly festival— as it is being observed without the sacrifice of animals and birds during or after the rituals.
Lauding the Nyishi community for the innovative idea, he urged other tribes to learn and emulate them.
Shakti Kapoor, who was a special invitee, lauded the motto of the Longte festival which is mainly observed to protect crops from cattle by erecting barricades and to offer prayer to the deity for healthy crops and bumper harvest.
He also lauded local film producer Yumlam Achung for his forthcoming film ‘The Little Boy’ directed by Shiraz Henry, and requested the State government to encourage such filmmakers from the State.