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Governor, CM greet people on Shapawng Yawng Mau Poi


Itagar, Feb 13: Aruchal Pradesh Governor P B Acharya and Chief Minister Pema Khandu have extended their greetings to the people of the state, especially to the Singpho community on the auspicious occasion of Shapawng Yawng Mau Poi festival.

The governor expressed hope that the sacred occasion would usher in harmonious subsistence and socio-cultural growth of our rich tradition.

In his message, Acharya said that according to mythology, the Singphos are the descendents of Shapawng Yawng, who was the sixth brother, first born on this earth and called himself as Singpho. Tingli Yawang, son of Shapwng Yawng, in order to get blessings from his father and the creator of ‘Mathum Matha,’ the world, conducted the first Mau poi as offering of prayer to Bhikan Gundan Poi, the Almighty. “Later, the festival came to be known as Shapawang Yawng Mau Poi in the memory of their ancestor Shapawng Yawng. People turns up in their best and with enthusiasm add colour flavour to the festive occasion,” he added.

The Governor further said that Shapawng Yawng Mau Poi, with its ritualistic ceremony and dances, cultural programmes, community feasts, literary activities and interactions sessions has become a medium in preserving tribal heritage.

“Intellectual sessions, where important topics like preservation of customs, traditions and assets, social and economic development of the community are dwelled on involving eminent scholars from the state and aboard, definitely help in carrying forward the age of accent of community,” he said.

The governor prayed Shapawng Yawng to bless the people with peace, progress and prosperity. In his festival message, Khanfu said “ours is a distinct state with several tribes and communities residing side by side for ages and maintaining their own unique indigenous culture and traditions.” “Despite our varied diversity, we as Aruchalees are united and take pride in our indigenous cultural heritage. This cultural mosaic has to be maintained, preserved and propagated at all costs while keeping intact our unity in diversity. I believe this Shapawng Yawng Mau Poi would prove a major catalyst towards achieving this goal,” the chief minister added in his message.

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