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Grand Preparations For Historic Ambubachi Mela

Ambubachi Mela


GUWAHATI: The biggest religious fair in Assam, the Ambubachi Mela, is going to start from June 22 till 26 in the city and congregation of lakhs of devotees from various parts of the country are expected to pour in. To discuss the security measures during this time, a meeting was held between the Police Administration and the Ambubachi Mela Parichalana Committee.

The Ambubachi Mela Parichalana Committee, in a press communiqué on Monday, said that along with the district administration and Assam Police, the committee will also oversee the security of the devotees. For this task, 120 permanent security workers, 400 scouts & guides, 400 volunteers, and 140 temporary security workers have been arranged by the committee. There are three roads leading into the temple premises where proper lighting has been arranged. Arrangements for rest rooms, toilets, bathrooms and proper railings on all the three roads leading to the Devalaya have been made. The committee has informed devotees to use these routes to combat traffic in the main road leading to the develaya. All the shoes will have to be stored at one spot only, after which the road is lined with carpets for the convenience of the devotees.

300 CCTVs, 210 permanent & 200 temporary sanitation workers have been arranged by the committee to ensure cleanliness in the devalaya premises. As the entire area has been declared a tobacco free zone, selling and using tobacco is prohibited and if caught, will be punished under law. Also, the use of plastics is not allowed. The Kamakhya Devalaya will close its gates on June 22 marking the beginning, prabriti at 1:40:18 hours and will reopen on June 26 marking the end, nirbriti at 2:04:22 hours. The gate will open for public from 6 am. The Maa Kamakhya Devalaya’s Bor Doloi Mohit Sarma, Saru Doloi Kabindra Prasad Sarma, Secretary Bhupesh Sarma, Joint Secretary Samir Prasad Sarma, among others were present during the meeting.

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