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Guru Axon installed in naamghar near Dhaka

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GUWAHATI, July 17: Guru Axon (mentor’s seat) has been installed in a naamghar at a hamlet – Korbari, Ujilab, Sripur in Gajipur – on the outskirts of Dhaka in Bangladesh recently. The hamlet has some 200 families of Assamese origin living there for decades.

On behalf of Sankardev Foundation, Bangladesh, Subudh Chandra Das Adhikari did contact Samannita Yuba Tirtha (SYT), a sister concern of the Axam Xatra Mahaxabha (AXM), for the installation of the mentor’s seat. Jairaj Kalita from SYT went to Bangladesh and took part in the ceremony for the installation of mentor’s seat in the naamghar. He handed over copies of Naamghosha, Gunamala and some other scriptures of Shankardev and Madhabdev to the naamghar. The ceremony turned out to be a spiritual communion.
The people of Assamese origin in Bangladesh were elated to have installed the guru axan in the naamghar.