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Nowgong College
Nowgong College

Guru Pranam Programme Held at Lt Anil Bora Auditorium of Nowgong College

A Correspondent

NAGAON: “There are two words which are assumed as the strongest in universe – ‘prayer’ and ‘bliss’. No words are as strong as these two in this universe,” said former Chief Minister Prafulla Kumar Mahanta on Wednesday at the Guru Pranam programme held at the Lt Anil Bora auditorium of Nowgong College organized in connection with its platinum jubilee celebration. He further said that although Nowgong College completed 75 years of existence, yet there were many things to be done and for such works, students, teaching staff, parents and alumni must come forward. Referring to the debts of teachers and parents, Mahanta said that the debt of teachers was very important for the student community. Some debts could be refunded. But the debts of teachers as well as parents remained unpaid in the world. He added that the base of all religions was the same – knowledge and wisdom.